Nordic Insights / Round Table Discussion

The “Nordic Insights” series of round table discussion aim to bring together industry professionals and experts in their field in a vivid discussion.  The setup allows to look at and discuss a specific topic within the financial industry from various different angles, hear different opinions and approaches. The group would typically consist of a mix of representatives from asset managers, fund management companies, allocators, service providers and/or distributors. We therefor actively seek to have a variety of participants representing different companies, views, philosophies, cultural & geographic backgrounds and interests.

The combination of having a relatively small, intimate group of individuals for the discussion behind closed doors in combintation with a wide ciruclation to a relevant audience in the Nordic region through a summary of the discussion in a convenient read-up paper combines the best of the two worlds of professional and personal relationship building and broad communication and branding.

Upcoming Topics

We are constantly in search for inspired new topics and angles of discussion for our round table format, and are happy to customize according to specific requests and needs. The following topics are among those that hold our interest:

    • Systematic vs. discretionary trading
    • Women in the Alternative Investments
    • Starting a Hedge Fund: Fact & Fiction
    • Tomorrows Hedge Fund

  • Hedge Funds for retail investors
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Real Assets
  • Multi Manager vs. Single Manager
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Asset Raising
  • Illiquid Assets
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    Global Macro & CTA

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