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  1. Burgers & Beers

  2. No Free Lunch

    Arrange monthly lunches among participants of the Swedish / Nordic Hedge Fund Community. Around 5-8 people meet randomly, no one knows who´s coming or can…

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  3. Wine Tasting

    Wine tasting (often, in wine circles, simply tasting) is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. While the practice of wine tasting is as ancient…

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  4. Whisky Tasting

    We’d love to meet you! Therefore, we try to be near you, to make your whisky experience as good as possible. Mackmyra Whisky Village just…

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  5. No Agenda Lunch

    We will have lunch together


  7. Nordic Alternatives Day – Amsterdam 2016

    Speakers    Featured Companies Organized and Supported by

  8. HedgeInar

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  9. Nordic Alternatives

  10. Nordic Alternatives Day