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As specialist in a tight, local industry providing a single access point to the Nordic hedge fund universe

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Gathering, compounding and scrutinizing performance data on the Nordic hedge fund industry 

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Empowering investment professionals through news, research and training educational seminars

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Analysts, journalists and commentators provide in-depth industry reports covering the Nordic and international hedge fund space


Bringing the professional community together in discussions, cap intro, educational and social events

Fame & Glory

Organizer of the Nordic Hedge Award, distinguishing outstanding talent in the local alternative investment community

Upcoming Events & Publications


Cap Intro: Nordic Alternatives – Amsterdam (Oct 25 2017)

HedgeNordic will be visiting Amsterdam in the Netherlands on October 25 2017 with a selected group of Nordic managers active in the alternative investment space. The objective is to introduce Dutch institutional allocators, typically family offices and wealth managers, to the depth and wealth of the Nordic alternative investment solutions.

For further info, please click here: Amsterdam

Congress: Sustainable Investing – Stockholm (February 14 2017)

HedgeNordic and NordSip will together with Thomson Reuters be hosting a full day congress on sustainable investing in the Nordic region. We are much looking forward to chairing a podium discussion titled “Challenges and opportunities for hedge funds applying ESG standards.”

For further info, please click here: ESG Congress

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Educational HedgeInar – Stockholm (March 2016)

Together with Stockholm School of Economics, Thomson Reuters and Laika Consulting, HedgeNordic is co-hosting an educative training day for financial intermediaries. Objective of the event is to educate and train financial intermediaries on the opportunities, specifics and risks of various hedge fund and alternative investment strategies.

For further info, please click here: HedgeInar

Meet the Team

Kamran _bw_2
Kamran Ghalitschi
CEO & Publisher

Jonas Andersson

Lars Dagerholt
Corporate Communication

Jonathan Furelid
Jonathan Furelid
Hedge Fund Analyst / Journalist

Pirkko Juntunen

Eugeniu Guzun
Data Analyst, Nordic Hedge Index

Glenn W. Leaper, PhD
Associate Editor

Ariane Feiertag
Graphics & Design

Hamlin Lovell
Hedge Fund Analyst / Contributor

Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson, CFA, Consultant

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